Further Benefits

Drieyes™ is a great way to keep your child’s eyes dry whilst washing their hair. By taking the fear out of hair
washing, Drieyes™ makes bath time a fun, stress free experience for everyone.

Drieyes™ only needs to seal above the eyes on the forehead to be effective when your child is seated in an upright position.
There is no need to tilt your child’s head back when rinsing or wetting their hair. They can even lean their head forward!

Drieyes™ is a great way to get your child involved. They love to help; now they really can! With your child helping, you have both hands free making hair washing quicker and more enjoyable for everyone.

Drieyes™ is suitable for long and short hair, for boys and girls. It is ideal for pre-school age.
  • Excellent training aid to help children get used to hair washing and wetting.
  • Great to stop all types of hair care products, such as lice treatment, from getting into your child’s eyes.
  • Can be used in the bath, shower or with a bucket in the back yard!
  • The unique design of Drieyes™ is suitable for a wide range of face shapes, including adults.
  • Your child can remain in an upright position, helping to prevent water getting into their ear canal, with Drieyes™ keeping their eyes dry.
  • Easy to store simply hang on any horizontal edge.